is how you get there. For us, it's by bicycle. Why? Sometimes it's for transportation, or exercise, or a party. Maybe it's to save money, or to show mother earth you love her without doing something weird like hugging a tree. Usually it's all of the above.

The thing is, most bikes just aren't ready to handle this many tasks. They're optimized for sport riding. Which is fun, but isn't always why we're on our bikes. At Modeo our goal is to fill in the gaps with simple, affordable products that make your bike more useful in a wider variety of scenarios.

Modeo is a self-perpetuating machine. There is no outside funding. There is no handsome millionaire. There is nothing but a love of bikes. Keep us moving forward by buying something from our shop, downloading Ryde, or telling us about something you'd love to see us make.

Jon Gaull

has used a bike as his primary mode of transportation for over a decade. He moved to San Francisco in 2010 for a job in social games games. After releasing a few products across web and mobile it became obvious that working for somebody else was for suckers. In 2013 he and his wife, Melissa Davies, quit their jobs and co-founded Bike Pretty. When he's not out "test riding" he's hunched over in front of a spreadsheet prototype for a machine learning algorithm. Or he's changing a diaper.

Justin Aguinaldo

has been car-free and bike-centric for 12 years. He got his start in NYC as a messenger. One of those crazy fucks on a fixie. Justin can feel the heart-beat of his bike through the soles of his feet.  While in NYC he cofounded the Bamboo Bike Studio. He was instrumental in the development of the geometry and process used to make bamboo bikes. He moved back home to the Bay Area in 2012. Since then he's worked in operations at Bicycle Fabrications and Monkeylectric. In 2016 a team of researchers concluded that, no matter where your are or what time it is, there is greater than a 50% chance Justin is wheelying.