Just the Strap


Just the Strap

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  • Use it as a strap extender for your Bike Strap!
  • Daisy chain multiple straps together for infinite capacity.
  • 3 inches (7.6cm) wide, 19.5" (49.5cm) long. 15.5" (39.4cm) per strap when used in a daisy chain.
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How is Just the Strap different from other Velcro straps?

  • Normal Velcro cinch straps use 2 ultrasonic welds in critical locations. The welds are stiff, which creates weak spots on either side. Just the Strap uses 2 sewn joints instead of welds. The sewn joints are flexible and much more durable.
  • Normal Velcro cinch straps have Velcro on only one side of the strap. Just the Strap has Velcro on both sides which allows the strap to daisy chain.
  • Normal Velcro cinch straps use a plastic loop that you could probably break with your bare hands. Just the Strap uses a metal loop which gives it a much higher breaking strength.
  • Normal Velcro cinch straps are only 0.5-1" wide. This makes them unreliable when subjected to heavy vibration. Just the Strap is 3" wide to maximize object stability.


Can I combine it with my Bike Strap? Abso-fucking-lutely. Just the Strap can be used as a strap extender for your Bike Strap. However, keep in mind that the Bike Strap's 5" limit was chosen because that's about how much space there is between the pedals on a typical bike. If you want to strap in something larger you'll need to mount the Bike Strap to your fork or another location.

Why would I want to buy a set of 3? Multiple Just the Straps can be combined together to create one longer strap. You'll be amazed at how often a variable length Velcro cinch strap will come in handy.

Is it only for bikes? We doubt it! At Modeo we love our bikes and devote way too much time to fiddling with them. But you probably have all kinds of uses for Just the Strap that we haven't thought of. If you have some ideas let us know!