Pedal Straps

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Pedal Straps

  • Tired of duck-walking into work in the morning? Pedal straps make any shoe into a bike shoe.
  • Adjustable size so you can wear your Chucks today and your Docs tomorrow.
  • Compatible with most platform pedals (pedals not included)
  • Ships next business day
  • Free shipping anywhere in the US! $10 shipping everywhere else
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I've never used foot retention. Is it hard? There is definitely a learning curve. We don't recommend foot retention for riders who are still learning the ropes of city riding. If you already feel comfortable riding, adding foot retention is a great way to get more out of your bike for very little money.

Does foot retention really make a difference? It depends on how and where you ride. In a hilly place like San Francisco foot retention is a must for all but the most generously geared bikes. If you ride in a flat place consider foot retention if you have a long distance to cover, love to ride hard, or want to work your legs more evenly.

Why would I want to use these over clip-ins? Clip-ins are definitely the most efficient shoe for transferring power to your bike. But they're designed for long rides on open roads. Clipping in and out 30 times a ride in city traffic sucks. And sure, you can get SPD shoes that look like street shoes, but they are neither great for walking nor bicycling.

Why would I want to use these over vintage style toe clips? The straps on vintage toe clips always slip which makes them a poor solution for foot retention. Not to mention they're bulky, always get bent, and will scratch every leather shoe they come in contact with.

Are they hard to get in to? If you're used to clipping in then you might find this system a bit easier. If you're not then set aside a few minutes to practice before you try it out on the streets.

Are they hard to get out of? When they are not overly tight they are very simple to slip in and out of. When you change shoes we recommend double checking how tight they are before rolling out.

Are they hard to install? Not at all. Installation requires zero tools and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Are my pedals compatible? Most platform pedals are compatible. What your pedal needs are slits on inside and outside of the pedal on either side of the spindle (like these).