What is a Transportation Biker?

We here at Modeo believe that the most exciting space in the bike industry is transportation biking. But what is a transportation biker?

A transportation biker is somebody who bikes primarily to get from point A to point B rather than in large loops designed to induce suffering.

It's fairly easy to spot a transportation biker in the wild. The North American Transportation Biker (latin name: Modus Bikus) can be identified by these common characteristics:

  1. Their native habitat is urban areas, but some varieties can be found in less dense communities.
  2. They dress as if they weren't riding a bike. Look for dapper gentlemen in suits or ladies in high heels.
  3. They are most often spotted in large gaggles during commuter hours.
  4. Their bikes are comfortable and upright.
  5. A backpack is typically utilized for storage.
  6. They carry elaborate locking systems and removable lighting to compensate for the shortcomings in security and safety of their bikes.
  7. They smile a lot. Even when off their bikes.
  8. They make biking even more fun by including music, lights, or a group of friends.
  9. They frequently have low tire pressure, squeaky chains, or seats that are a bit too low. No worries, a local bike shop can take care of any maintenance issues.
  10. They are highly productive at work, excellent lovers, and shower more often.

When you spot a transportation biker in the wild step to the edge of the curb, hold your hand out in front of you with your palm facing the biker, and tell them "thanks for biking!" as your high five connects.