Best of Interbike 2015

Held in Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Interbike is the largest bike conference in the US. I was fortunate this year to partner with MonkeyLectric, a Berkeley based bike lighting company, in working their booth so that I could get to the conference and scope out the latest and greatest bike tech. The outcome was crazy fun times with the MonkeyLectric team and a super productive trip for Modeo.

What I Liked

1. Coast Cycles

I took one look at these bikes and thought to myself "holy crap". There is literally nothing out there like Coast Cycles. Their urban bikes are characterized by clean lines, phat tires, and only the most transportation ready drivetrains.

The standout product in the line is an innovative vehicle named Quinn. What caught my eye was the central carrier they've built into the frame. A split top tube parallels a split bottom tube (WHA?!). In the gap between the tubes is ample room for carrying your laptop bag or, with their additional carrier, a six pack of beer.

2. Lumenus

I had a great conversation with Jeremy, the CEO of Lumenus. He and his team are working on multiple jackets with color changeable LED lights that are safe, stylish, and a little bit fun. By taking a look through the products Lumenus had developed it was clear that Jeremy and his team have a deep understanding of the transportation biking market. But what really impressed me was their focus on developing powerful location services along side the hardware in their jackets.

Keep an eye out for Lumenus' Kickstarter launching next month.

3. Copenhagen Wheel (is real)

At this point we all know what the Copenhagen Wheel is. Their Kickstarter went gangbusters 2 years ago and ever since it's been...well, let's just say there have been a lot of jokes about vaporware. But at Interbike this year Superpedestrian proved that the Copenhagen Wheel is more than a powerful marketing campaign. This year there was a Papillionaire bike cruising around the e-bike test track complete with a Copenhagen Wheel.

I'm very excited to see them flying around on the road someday soon.