2nd Annual Get High at the Beach Ride - April 29th


There is nothing better than getting together with friends, cranking some tunes, and riding around the city. That's why we're bringing back the Get High at the Beach Ride. It's a casual bike ride through some of the most scenic and bike-friendly parts of San Francisco. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and experience the many wonders of SF.

The ride will start at Huckleberry Bikes in downtown San Francisco. For those coming in from the East Bay or Peninsula, just ride BART to Civic Center station. If you're driving into SF we recommend parking in Golden Gate Park and then riding down the hill to Huckleberry. We roll at 1pm so try and arrive a few minutes early.

The first leg of the journey will take us to Golden Gate Park. After winding our way through the car-free section of JFK and coasting past Hellman Hollow we'll veer to the north and climb to the top of Sutro Heights. There we can rest, take in the incredible view, and enjoy our high of choice.

From there we'll fly down Great Highway, past the Cliff House, to the edge of the mighty Pacific Ocean. The smell of the sea breeze and sounds of seagulls will have just enough time to sink in before we head back into Golden Gate Park and ride to our final destination: the Stow Lake Pagoda.

We're looking forward to seeing everybody again!