5 Reasons to Ride A Singlespeed Bike

Yes, I ride a bike for transportation. Yes, I live in San Francisco. Yes, there are hills. No, my bike does not have gears. Here's why:

  1. Cheap. A single speed bike is the least expensive type of bike there is.
  2. Durable. No shift cables, shifters, or derailleurs to break. Only two gears to replace instead of 12.
  3. Light. Need to carry your bike up stairs every day? Have a tiny apartment to maneuver your bike through? A light bike really helps.
  4. Sexy. You want to be sexy, don't you?
  5. Easy. The most common question I hear from beginners is "how do you use your gears?" To which I respond "I've never had to learn!"

So what if 5% of the time riding a singlespeed is hard. The other 95% of the time your single speed bike is a better vehicle than a fancy pants carbon nano-bot bike!

1 speed 4 life.