Product Review: Planet Bike Superflash Bike Lights

The Superflash tail light by Planet Bike has been my go-to rear bike light for many years now. There are several models starting at just over $20.

Here's why I like 'em:

  1. They're inexpensive. If you think that fancy light from Kickstarter is actually going to make it through a full season you're fooling yourself. It's probably going to end up being traded for a Big Mac in the Tenderloin while you're sipping whiskey on Polk St.
  2. They're durable. Remember the time your light lobotomized itself in Saturday night traffic? Or the time your light just wouldn't turn on, no matter how many times you pushed the button? I've seen far fewer problems with my Planet Bike lights than any other brand. And I've tested MANY brands.
  3. The mounting system keeps you safe. What good is your light if it's pointing at the ground? The Superflash has a mounting system that's easy to install, broadly compatible and keeps your lights pointed directly towards rear-approaching death monsters.
  4. They have excellent battery life. I've heard many people swear that they replace the batteries in their Planet Bike lights only once a year. While I'm not so lucky, I've been caught with dead bike lights more times than I care to admit. Planet Bike lights last a long time and fade slowly, giving you plenty of warning when it's time to recharge.
  5. Planet Bike is an awesome company! A full 25% of their profits is donated to bicycle advocacy, they prioritize the use of recyclable materials and they reduce packaging whenever possible. Plus, how could you go wrong with a company that names their bike seat the A.R.S?!