2013 Felt Breed - Meet Buns


Hot Cross Buns (Buns for short) is a 2013 Felt Breed purchased at Huckleberry Bikes in downtown San Francisco. It's a stiff and reliable single speed cyclocross bike to which I've added a few mods for the North American Transportation Biker.

Cyclocross is a type of bike racing where racers ride both on and off road. Additionally, there are often obstacles that require dismounting from the bike and carrying it. This mix of uses pretty well summarizes the many challenges of biking in the urban forest, making 'cross bikes a great fit for urban riding.

Buns has many 'cross specific features that shine in the urban environment. The top tube is specially designed to be comfortable when the bike is shouldered. It's long wheelbase and cantilevered brakes make it great for January rains and San Francisco hills. And the beefy carbon fork can take plenty of abuse.

The fenders pictured are Portland Design Works' Sodapop fenders. They're an inexpensive fender with a super minimal look However they did required a bit of modification before they were totally usable.

Evo platform pedals with Holdfast Straps are my leg hands' best friends. I love platform pedals and straps for city riding. They're compatible with my street shoes and give me plenty of power for hill domination.

Buns is my go-to steed when I want to sprint around in SF traffic. You're most likely to spot me riding Buns on Folsom st., listening to Arcade Fire and laughing sarcastically at the many deathmonsters trying to eat me.

1 speed 4 life.