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Ryde is Back Because of You!

In January I told the story of Ryde: a low power and automatic version of the ride tracking app Strava, and how I had killed the idea because I was unable to find a viable business model. I shared the story on Reddit r/bicycling and the response was overwhelmingly positive. That week had record traffic on the Modeo blog. Comments and PMs piled up with people saying how disappointed they were that I killed the project.

So I decided to bring Ryde back into active development! After about a month of hacking I have updated the app to support iOS 8 and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

I know that I fucking hate having to start/stop my gps tracker, I thought this was a brilliant fucking idea.
— atlasMuutaras
super cool idea, always forget to start my tracks or strava until I am too far in, then I stop caring.
— coll0412

But there is a lot more work to come. Over the coming months I will be redesigning the user interface, moving logic from the mobile device to the server, and redesigning the location engine to improve reliability and accuracy.

If you want to help me make these improvements you can sign up for beta access above. I will gradually be increasing the number of users in the beta over time. Beta access will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! If it were not for your support Ryde would never see the light of day.