Ryde is Coming to a Timezone Near You


Way back in January I promised that Ryde would have Timezone support by the time it launched in the App Store. Well that was bullshit. But this time it's different because Ryde 1.0.9 has arrived and officially supports your local timezone. What does this mean for you?

The most obvious change is that your leaderboard will now reset at midnight between Sunday and Monday rather than a random time on Sunday. This should make the game fairer and it will definitely make the leaderboard reset more intuitive.

So why did it take so long you ask? Well, because of one crazy case that you might run in to. In the diagram above you can see that Ryde now considers a ryde taken at 10am in New York to be at the same time as a ryde taken at 10am in San Francisco.

This also means that somebody who lives in New York's leaderboard will reset 3 hours before somebody who lives in San Francisco. For the person living in New York their "Last Week" leaderboard could still change and update while people living in San Francisco are out ryding for 3 more hours.

This is especially weird if you happen to be one of the Aussie or Kiwi ryders and are a member of a very international crew. You might have to wait as much as 24 hours for everybody in your crew to finish their week! This is a bummer for sure, but we think optimizing for your local timezone provides an overall more intuitive experience.

Also remember, this is just the first step toward supporting timezones! We're already working on improving feedback during the weekly leaderboard reset, showing which ryders still have rydes to save, and so many more awesome time-related polish nuggets.

As always, keep your feedback coming! Without it we wouldn't know what to work on.