Win A Free Bike Strap

Join the Bike Strap crew in Ryde

Summer is winding down. At Modeo that means it's time peel our calloused arse-cheeks from our saddles and glue them to office chairs for the winter. And yet, it's still so easy to pick up a bottle of bourbon and slip back into the drug induced haze of summer.

Which is exactly why we're giving away a brand spankin' new Bike Strap to one lucky winner who joins the Bike Strap crew in Ryde by midnight GMT September 12th. One winner will be selected at random from all the members of the Bike Strap crew. (Android users can sign up here, terms and conditions apply)

We're also psyched to release Ryde 1.0.8. It has two features many ryders have asked for.

The first is moar stats. You can now see the duration and average speed of your rydes. It's about fucking time!

The second is a handy dandy invite button in crews. This will allow you to share links to your crews via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, email or anywhere else you can share a link! Start a crew at work and blast out a link in Slack, start a family crew and share a link in that iMessage thread with your whole goddamn family, or plan a group ride and share a crew link in the FB event. The possibilities are endless!

Remember, Ryde exists because of you! Please send your feedback (positive or negative) so we can solve all the problems. All of them.