Ryde Knows How You Travel

The first question we get every time we tell anybody about Ryde is "how do you know that a trip was on a bike and not driving?" The answer is a major bummer: the user tells us. (well, except for about 20% of trips)

Ryde now uses a machine learning system to learn the way you travel and make educated guesses about whether or not you travelled by bike. In other words, we are one step closer to a dystopian future where the machines ride us instead.

Ultimately our goal is to completely remove the bike/not bike choice for the vast majority of trips. Ryde isn't quite there yet, but the next release puts a big dent in solving that problem.

We're introducing what we like to call "probabilistic trip categorization". In other words, Ryde can tell you when a trip was "probably by bike", "maybe by bike", or "probably not by bike".

Any trips that are marked "probably by bike" have a 4 out of 5 chance of being by bike. This should help, but keep your wits about you! Ryde will be wrong 20% of the time.

On the other hand only 1 out of 5 trips that are marked "probably not by bike" will be bike trips. You will no longer receive a push notification for these trips. But you might find yourself wondering where your ryde from yesterday morning is. It's worth taking a look through the "probably not by bike" section since 20% of these trips will be bike trips.

Trips categorized as "maybe by bike" will have about a 50/50 shot of being by bike or not.

Keep in mind that these percentages will vary from user to user, depending on travel patterns.

But that's not all! Every time you save or delete a trip you're helping Ryde get better at determining mode of travel. So we've added a much requested feature: the delete all button. Give that bad boy a tap, tap the scary confirmation button, and all your new trips will be marked as "not bike". Congratulations. You've just made Ryde smarter.

This feature represents a whole new frontier for improvements to Ryde. Over time mode detection will become more accurate. Your feedback is absolutely critical during this process. Please, do not hesitate to email us your scathing criticisms and joyful praises. It can only help make Ryde better.