Ryde Bonus Points

At its core, Ryde is about having fun on a bike. Instead of awarding points for suffering, Ryde rewards you for doing things on your bike that are genuinely enjoyable.

That's why in the latest version of Ryde you will receive 35 bonus points every time you chill at a new spot! Just go somewhere you've never ryde-ed before and chill until you get your Ryde notification (usually 15-30 minutes). When you save your ryde you'll see your bonus points!

Since early in the beta ryders have been suggesting, asking, and begging for bonus points for certain types of rydes. While this update only features one of the ideas we've heard from the community, more are on the roadmap. If you have your own ideas be sure to let us know!

Since we released Ryde we've had to pay out-of-pocket to keep it going. As Ryde has grown it has become obvious that this arrangement is unsustainable. For this reason we've added more advertising and we now allow you to remove ads for $1.99. We're aware that this may be frustrating for some of you, but servers ain't free. Remove ads and help keep Ryde going!

A little over a month ago we asked you what sucked the most about Ryde. The answer to that question was surprisingly consistent: too many not bike trips.

So we spent much of the last month parsing, analyzing, and regression-ing all the data Ryde has collected since adding activity tracking. The result is that bike/not bike auto-detection is going to significantly improve. Look for this update some time in the first half of June.

And now, a photo of a bike...